paving the way for a new flu vaccine




BiondVax, a Phase II biotech company based in Israel, was frequently in the U.S. to meet investors and collaborate with the NIH in the development of the first universal flu vaccine. However, it had not had much media exposure and very little surfaced about the company in a Google search. BiondVax contacted Denterlein in late summer prior to flu season to mount a PR campaign to increase awareness.


Capitalizing on the fact that flu season was just a few months away, the Denterlein team created a PR road map for BiondVax to ensure they would be part of the national conversation on seasonal flu vaccination. Since the company was working on a novel approach to flu prevention that would increase efficacy and decrease the number of vaccinations needed, the team gathered CDC data showing low rates of vaccine effectiveness with currently available vaccines. Armed with proof points and a case for an improved approach, the team developed a series of proactive pitches and bylined articles.


During the height of flu season, BiondVax was featured in Living Well Magazine (geared towards readers 65+ who most need flu protection). The company’s chief medical officer was interviewed by Pharmaceutical Executive and the CEO wrote a thought leadership piece for The Huffington Post on the inadequacy of current flu vaccines. Additionally, when the Zika story broke, the team mounted a rapid-response campaign to offer the company’s perspective on the outbreak and the viability of a Zika vaccine. This resulted in further coverage in the Huffington Post.