What's Your Digital Diagnosis?

  • Do you need to boost brand awareness through paid influencers, but are unclear about the costs and process? 
  • Do you want to leverage LinkedIn or Instagram to reach and engage key audiences, but can't decide which platform is best?
  • Do you have a desire to incorporate more digital content into your communications strategy, such as video or info-graphics?

Denterlein's new Digital Diagnostic (D3) provides a snapshot or in-depth analysis of your existing digital footprint and the steps you can take to maximize your social/digital media footprint. Whether launching a community initiative, finding new customers, or increasing competitive share of voice … whatever your social/digital media goals, we can help.


About Your Diagnosis...

Through an in-depth examination of your organization's social and digital channels and related communications efforts, our team will identify specific tactics for improving your digital media footprint and ultimately achieving your business goals. Our strategic recommendations will be shared in a way that most easily translates into your communications plan and best equips you with an actionable road-map for your social and digital media strategies.

Competitor Positioning

How do you stack up against your competitors? Are you properly showcasing what sets you apart?


Are you reaching your priority audiences and inspiring them to action? How can you turn likes into deeper, more meaningful interactions?


How are the conversations about your brand or organization spreading? Are there new audiences you can tap into?


What key words are consumers of your content reacting to most? Are your messages resonating with priority audiences?


Is your content visually appealing or too text heavy? Are you leveraging each platform’s preferred content type and that of its audience?

Thought Leadership

Are you showcasing industry knowledge to the best of your ability? Are you correctly positioning the right people to be the face of your brand, organization, or campaign?

“In today’s digital communications world, driving audiences to action is key to most all communications plans, which is why we designed D3 with this specific goal in mind, and with a deep understanding of what it takes to get there.”


Diana Pisciotta



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