Promoting Social Responsibility

For more than 75 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI has been dedicated to improving the health of state residents through philanthropy, volunteerism, thought leadership and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Denterlein worked with BCBS of RI to raise awareness of its combined efforts and establish BCBS of RI as a leader in corporate social responsibility.


In 2016 alone, BCBS of RI was mentioned in 1,000+ news stories, more than 50% focused on Corporate Social Responsibility


All of the 2016 news stories portrayed BCBS of Rhode Island in a positive light


Nearly three-quarters of the news coverage advanced BCBS of Rhode Island's strategic priorities

Boosting online engagement

As part of our overall efforts, Denterlein created a series of mini-campaigns around several of BCBS of RI's philanthropic efforts. For example, to promote its community volunteerism on Facebook and Twitter, Denterlein created a selfie photo challenge, encouraging employee volunteers to take their picture with “Paws,” the official mascot of the Paw Sox.

Bcbs photo

“We know that CSR plays an important role in consumer choice, so we designed a series of targeted campaigns that not only built awareness but also really resonated with BCBS's current and prospective clients.”

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