Making "Cents" of the Digital Banking Landscape

Following unprecendeted growth and a relaunch/relocation of its corporate headquarters to downtown Boston, Berkshire Bank was interested in understanding how its digital presence stacked up against its burgeoning physical footprint in comparison to its key competitors throughout New England. Using our D3 Diagnostic, we determined what competitive social media baselines Berkshire Bank should aim for as well as how to best reach and engage an evergreen banking audience through compelling digital content.


of content was image based/visual in nature


of social engagements stem from Facebook


of content published on       Twitter

Driving Audience Growth and Engagement Through Compelling Visual Content

Following our analysis, we recommended that Berkshire Bank place an emphasis on the use of visual content, such as photos, video and infographics, and primarily utilize Facebook and Instagram to grow and engage its followers. Additionally, we proposed that Berkshire incorporate paid/boosted social promotion as a tactic for expanding its overall social follower base across its three key channels: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Lastly, we suggested that Berkshire incorporate an increased cadence of civic, charitable and partnership focused social content into its mix of published posts.


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