Yes or No on Question 1, Nurse-Patient Staffing Ratios

In the fall of 2018, residents of Massachusetts were asked to vote in favor or opposition of establishing nurse-patient staffing ratios in hospitals throughout the Commonwealth. In the 90-days leading up to the November 6 election, Denterlein gathered social/digital intelligence around the organizations driving the educational efforts for both sides of the vote to understand if there was an opportunity for our hospital clients—who were universally opposed to the question—to influence the discussion on social media.  


Social media engagements


of "NO" content published to Facebook


Social media impressions

Authentic Voices Shared Through Video Content

Our D3 Diagnostic showed how active the conversation around the ballot question was on social media, particularly on Facebook, and that nurse voices carried resonance for either side when shared through compelling visual content such as video. For our hospital clients who opposed the vote and wanted to engage the constituency via social media, our recommendation was that they leverage their already existing loyal social following paired with genuine nurse testimonials to better explain and understand the “NO” position to the voters.


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