Helping understaffed nonprofits (BARCC and EMK)

Client logos - BARCC and EMK

Denterlein ensured a smooth and seamless takeover of the internal communication team's duties by supporting the organizations in all messaging, social media, and development efforts, alongside traditional public relations tasks.

As most industries across the country faced critical staffing shortages, nonprofits were hit particularly hard. To provide support during this difficult time, Denterlein deeply integrated themselves into such organizations and served as an internal communications team for non-profits that did not have the capacity to have one, but still wanted to retain their digital presence.

Denterlein team took over all of the internal communications, including website, social media, newsletters, staff communications, media inquiries and pitches, public statements, thought leadership pieces, online marketing and promotion of events. We provided quarterly measurements on all aspects of services, so clients can track the progress and results of our collective efforts. Denterlein also assisted with leadership positioning for the executive staff, connected with most of the staff members to assist with specific department needs, and advised on rebranding efforts to elevate nonprofit’s visibility in the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Denterlein team provided effective, on-message communications across the organizations with consistent messaging across multiple platforms. Under Denterlein’s management, non-profits’ social media channels gained national traction and engagement. We ensured the client’s success by showing the force of an external team being able to support internal processes, which allowed the organizations to remain focused on bigger strategies and priorities, while maintaining a strong digital and media presence.