Reputation Management & Crisis Communications 

We have helped hundreds of clients prepare for or weather some of the most challenging situations. While our expertise cuts across many industries, our crisis communications planning and crisis response approach always follows these guiding principles:


  • Social media must be included in every planning and response plan, even if you don’t have a significant digital footprint,
  • Pre-planning makes a quick response possible when your team has just minutes or hours to react.
  • Maintaining integrity during a crisis requires at least some level of transparency.
  • An authentic spokesperson is critical to maintaining or restoring credibility.
  • Companies must demonstrate an understanding of what and where things went wrong.
  • Traditional media still matters. Our deep relationships and years of experience with reporters provides instant insight into difficult questions before they arise. This knowledge helps you make pro-active decisions to help consumers, rebuilding trust and avoiding reactionary concessions that often ring hollow.


Learn more about Denterlein’s approach to crisis communications on our blog.


Responding in a Crisis

The days of carefully crafted media statements and committee-approved press releases are long gone. With the ability of crisis events to go viral in a matter of minutes, time is always the enemy. From limiting the risk of a social media post to dealing with the most seasoned investigative reporters, Denterlein will help you take back control of the narrative. Our crisis experience – across nearly every industry and sector – means we have been there before. Our senior team can help you avoid common pitfalls and navigate digital monitoring and response.


Get Crisis Ready

Planning ahead for a crisis ensures that an organization’s credibility and competitive advantage remains unscathed in even the worst situations. Through Denterlein’s process of discovery, risk assessment and strategic direction, we can provide your team with a crisis playbook, as well as the training necessary to execute responses that compliment and support your business objectives.


Litigation Support

We work with attorneys to build a public case for their client or protect a company’s reputation in the event of a crisis. We regularly work under attorney-client privilege, complementing the legal approach and messages that preserve credibility in the court of public opinion, without jeopardizing key legal rights.

Denterlein also provides high-level counsel to companies and organizations under investigation by the FBI, DEA, SEC, FTC, EPA, advising leadership on reputational risk associated with issues and decisions in close collaboration with the legal team.

Additional experience includes:

  • Cyber-security or data breach
  • Litigation
  • Lay-offs
  • Leadership changes
  • Regulatory issues
  • Labor relations
  • HR-related issues
  • Medical errors
  • Workplace violence