April 13, 2018

PR News This Month

We scrolled through the best PR news outlets so you don’t have to. From tools for social media marketers, to an 'ode to Women's History Month, here are the articles you can't miss.

Social Media Marketer tools

We recently shared how to promote a twitter campaign (for free!), but there are a large amount of free online resources and tools to assist social media marketers. Whether it’s finding influencers, reporting analytics, staying focused, or scheduling content, there are dozens of social media tools and apps to assist brand managers and social media marketers. We found a helpful list over at the Hootsuite blog

Engaging journalists on social media

Long gone are the days of media pitches reaching journalists through faceless fax machines, and even modern email is becoming clogged, spammy, and impersonal. As millennial journalists take over the industry, PR professionals must understand how to engage with them on the appropriate channels. And for many journalists, that channel is social media. Knowing the Dos and Don’ts of engaging with journalists in social media is the first step to properly pitching them. Understand the how-to’s from the Meltwater Blog.

The (March) Madness of Overused PR Phrases

Missing the excitement of March Madness and its “bracket bursting” upsets? Where basketball wanes, a new bracket emerges; this one consisting of the most overused words and phrases in Public Relations. The #WordsBracket tournament is already on round 2, and headed into the Elite 8 are phrases like “circle back” and “thought leader.” It’s best to check that your professional vocabulary isn’t ripe with these overused phrases. Make sure to check out the full bracket at PR News.

Organic content remains essential

Social media platforms are shrinking the influence of what is known as “organic” content—that is, content that is not promoted through payment. And while many predicted 2018 to be the year that organic content died, many professionals are now arguing the opposite. In the end, the opposition argues, organic content can be a free, authentic, and complimentary part of any companies’ digital footprint, and if done properly can balance the efforts of marketing and advertising departments to strengthen a brand. Ragan’s PR Daily lays out their 7 reasons organic social media remains essential.

Women’s History Month

There’s no forgetting that March was Women’s History Month, and there are countless intelligent women that have paved their way in the public relations industry—including Denterlein’s own fearless leader. Influence & Co did research to highlight the female trailblazers that helped shape content marketing, media, journalism, and other industries of public relations. Check out their “Ode to Some of Our Favorite Women” blog post.