February 21, 2018

Top PR News for February

We scrolled through the best PR news outlets so you don’t have to. From a changing social media landscape to avoidable mistakes when pitching journalists, here are the articles you can’t miss. 

  1. Instagram is testing a “regram” feature. Similar to a retweet on Twitter or a “repin” on Pintrest, Instagram’s introduction of a “regram” is the next step in content sharing and virality.  For brands, regramming will be a pathway to content discovery and brand strengthening as loyal customers share pictures to their friends and followers.  Adweek explains the implications of regramming as a pathway to brand discovery.


  1. Dear Diary, there’s been a crisis. Brad Ross, the Executive Director of Corporate & Customer Communications for the Toronto Transit Commission, shares an intimate and all-too-real glimpse into his crisis communications diary.  Presented as daily journal entries, Ross takes the reader through the 7-day process of crisis communications.  Ross’ crisis is horrendous issues causing delays throughout his transit system.  Read how honesty, openness, and transparency helped him get back on track (no pun intended) in his piece, “Own it, Wear it, Apologize.


  1. Avoid a #PRfail by pitching properly. Part of how a public relations professional gauges success is their ability to pitch reporters on stories. PR pros who are NOT successful at their pitches might find themselves labeled with the #PRfail hashtag on Twitter, a community where journalists share the worst pitches they receive. Proper pitching requires research, customization, and thorough follow-up; along with other tactics laid out in this Meltwater Blog.


  1. LinkedIn has changed its algorithm. Aiming to satisfy its professional audience, LinkedIn has changed its algorithm to help fight off spammy and low-quality content.  The change in the algorithm created another effect where clean, quality content is recycled on newsfeeds and lives longer at the top of newsfeeds, rather than being buried over time like before.  This “recirculation power” can keep a relevant piece of content at the top of newsfeeds, and allow it to gain traction as more people interact with it.  Understanding this algorithm will enable marketers and content creators to better exhibit their knowledge/advice/product.  Learn how the LinkedIn algorithm works on the Hootsuite Blog.


  1. How’s your social media strategy unfolding for 2018? If you need to get back on track, this article lays out a 10- step checklist for social media success. By defining clear goals, audiences, and schedules, anyone can execute an effective campaign. Read the full checklist on Social Media Today.


  1. 2018 hasn’t been a year without crisis. Between an ill-conceived clothing line advertisement, to unacceptable comments concerning the #MeToo movement, there have been multiple instances of the public demanding an apology after an ill-advised business blunder. Read how these professionals saved a potential crisis from escalating out of control through a written apology. The power of saying sorry is highlighted in this piece by Agility PR.