December 06, 2017

Top PR News this Month

We scrolled through the best PR news outlets so you don’t have to. From the sassiest brands on social media to the influence of Instagram, here are the industry news highlights you can’t miss.

1)   12 of the Sassiest Brands on Social Media

How can you inject personality and humor into your brand? Companies that strike the right balance are standing out from their peers, and benefiting major rewards in reach and engagement.

2)   How to Use Facebook to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

How do you make your blog posts stand out amid a sea of family photos and adorable pets? An attention-grabbing headline can only take you so far. Social Media Examiner recommends relying more heavily on ad campaigns and boosted posts.

3)   3 key social media challenges organizations will face in 2018

Hootsuite unrolled its 2018 trends report. While organic reach continues a decline, social video ads grew 130 percent.

4)   The Influence of Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram has grown more than 350% over the past three years. Learn more about how the platform is influencing shopping habits and buying behavior.