November 25, 2019

Why should you advertise on Facebook?

When maximizing your efforts on positioning your company, there’s no doubt that your marketing strategy should be efficient and cost-effective. Facebook advertising can be the best ally for your advertising campaigns; there’s no other media source that has a searching algorithm as broad as Facebook does, that’s why they are known as the largest media platform in the world. If you have only $100 to invest, you want to make sure it goes into the right account so that they will increase its value over time. That same principle should apply to your marketing efforts. By advertising on Facebook, you will reach the appropriate audience in just a few clicks; your ad will be placed in front of Facebook users who are likely interested in your business and will engage with your content. You will increase the traffic on your website, the likes on your Facebook page, and your brand awareness.

There are some components that you should have in consideration before you start your Facebook advertising campaign that will help you design the best content, set up the right budget, track your efforts, and analyze your results.

Choose the right campaign.

You need to first consider the intention behind your advertising efforts. Ask yourself some questions that allow you to understand what will be the right advertisement for your company and your desired results.

1. Are you trying to increase the awareness of your brand?

2. Can you generate enough content to engage your audience continually?

3. Do you want to increase the traffic to your website massively?

4. Is your business trying to collecting data to launch a new product or for future outreach?

5. Are you trying to reach a new segment of the market?

These are important considerations if you want to clearly understand the goals of your marketing strategy. If executed strategically, it can increase the leads and the community awareness of your products or services. By answering these questions, you will have a better understanding of how to use Facebook’s auction-based system in your favor, ensuring that your ad will be placed in front of your ideal audience.

Craft your content

It’s essential that you have a solid idea about the type of content that you want to promote for your brand. The content you promote, known as the “creative” part of the ad, must stand out from the rest of the content people scroll through on Facebook. Recent data has shown the average Facebook user spends an average of 1.7 seconds viewing an ad before deciding whether to move on or engage further with the content. This gives you a very short window to make an impression on you audience. Facebook users are more likely to pay attention to ads that carry a message that is clear and concise, and that describes the qualities that are special about your business.

Integrate an image or video

Images and videos generate higher rates of engagement and reactions. Choosing one over the other depends on things like the budget, time, and goals of the campaign. No matter your visual preference, your ads must be engaging, relevant, add value to the individual, and have a call to action. If you find that your content is generating likes or clicks, or is driving traffic to your website, it is a good sign that your ad is well designed.

Calculate your budget

After thinking about your sales goals and your ideal audience size, you must next calculate your budget for the ad campaign. For how long will you run this campaign, and what would be the ideal frequency? Are you targeting a large audience, with lots of competition, or are you narrowing in on a smaller population? These questions are essential to clarify your budget amount. Although Facebook’s algorithm controls how many times your ad will be seen and the frequency that it will appear, you can influence this with by carefully selecting your budget. When considering the costs of your Facebook advertising campaign, keep in mind that the larger the target audience, the more you’ll pay to reach them. By selecting a smaller, more niche audience, your budget will stretch farther as you pay less to place your ad in front of Facebook users.

As a business owner, you have a clear picture of your business needs. Facebook advertising can work as an extension of already successful marketing tactics, be used to explore a new market, or help you understand what resonates with your current audience. By testing and adjusting your creative, audience targeting, and budget, you can maximize the effectiveness of your advertisements and bring your marketing efforts to the next level.

By Sofia Corcho