August 01, 2017

Infographic: 5 Crisis PR Steps

Planning ahead for a crisis event ensures that an organization’s credibility and competitive advantage remain unscathed in even the most challenging situations. Learn more about the five steps you can take right now.

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July 25, 2017

Are you Crisis Ready?

When your senior team has just minutes or hours to react, how do you respond? Without pre-planning, it’s impossible to act quickly. Indecision, conflicting opinions or a poorly chosen spokesperson can unravel even the best intentions. Protecting your organization begins long before a crisis hits. Though it is rarely possible to address all aspects of a crisis situation instantaneously, the increase in web-based reporting and social media makes a quick response critical.

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May 30, 2017

Cyber breach response: Be prepared with crisis communications planning

If your company possesses sensitive or confidential information, the mere mention of the word ransomware may be enough to make your heart race – particularly given the global reach and devastating impact of the recent WannaCry cyber-attack, so powerful that it crippled infrastructure in 150 countries. While your company may have strong operational plans for disaster scenarios, do they address how to contain and manage reputational damage?

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May 23, 2017

The Worst CEO Apologies

When faced with difficult questions or allegations, defensiveness is often the most common response. But when this scene plays out on a public stage, constant rebuttals and shifting the blame only incites and prolongs media coverage.

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May 02, 2017

Why Crisis Communications is Important for Manufacturers

When a crisis breaks are you ready? It happens every day. You get the call:

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April 25, 2017

Fake News: Why Crisis Communications Planning is Important

If you think fake news could not possibly impact your company, we have one word: Pizzagate. When a North Carolina man walked into a little-known Washington, D.C. restaurant with an assault rifle earlier this year, the widespread impact and dangerous implications of this growing trend proved that no brand – no matter how powerful or obscure – is safe.

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April 19, 2017

Crisis Planning: Lessons from former Boston Police Commissioner

I recently sat down with former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis to discuss today’s security challenges and his thoughts on mitigating them. No stranger to complex security matters, having guided the City of Boston through the Marathon bombing and dozens of other events, Davis emphasized that preparedness is key to keeping an organization’s people and assets safe.  Davis, now founder and CEO of Edward Davis Inc, also stressed that being prepared means integrating crisis communications into your crisis management plan.

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April 12, 2017

United Airlines Crisis: "We're sorry" doesn't help if you don't care about your customers

United Airlines' harsh treatment of a passenger on April 9th provided 34 seconds of intense video footage that few will forget.

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April 12, 2017

United Airlines PR Nightmare: The Lesson for Every CEO

"If every CEO in America isn’t sitting up and thinking what will I do on the very worst day when one of my employees is caught on video behaving badly, they have made a colossal mistake," Denterlein President Diana Pisciotta told NECN Business last night. The United Airlines crisis communication gaff this month caused major public outcry and a plummeting stock price -- all of which could have been avoided with good crisis communication planning, Pisciotta said.

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April 04, 2017

The Board of Directors' Role in Crisis Management

Protecting an organization’s reputation is one of the most important responsibilities of directors today. But what, exactly, is the director’s role in crisis management?

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