December 28, 2018

2018 Recap: Our Most Read Blog Posts

2018 was a busy year for Boston business, politics, and culture. As Denterlein reflects on the past year, our blog posts reveal some of the biggest changes to the city’s landscape. How did digital influence effect Boston’s political landscape? How has journalism adapted to the age of information? And what did the city’s leaders have to say about the Boston Globe’s #FreePress Initiative? We found the answers in a recap of our most-read blog posts from 2018.


Be A Better Sender: Email Resolutions for 2018

When the average office worker receives over 120 emails a day, there’s a chance some go unanswered. We made our 2018 resolution to be a better email sender and laid out the best-practices you can implement to make sure your emails never go unread or unanswered.

Winning Political Influence in the Digital Age

Ayanna Pressley’s underdog victory in the Democratic primary proved that campaigning for office has evolved past TV commercials and phone banking. Her digital first tactic mobilized supporters and ensured her message would be heard, a lesson to young voters and politicians that grassroots movements can bring amazing change.

A sit-down with The Boston Globe’s Larry Edelman

Denterlein’s Founder and CEO, Geri Denterlein, sat down with The Boston Globe’s Deputy Managing Editor, Larry Edelman, to discuss the new “Express Desk” designed to keep a steady flow of news circulating the website. Edelman discusses how analytics factor into article placement on the digital platform, and how the 24-hour news cycle effects content being reworked and refreshed.

Boston Leaders React to the #FreePress Initiative

In August of 2018, The Boston Globe’s Editorial Board published a piece defending themselves from the title of “enemy of the people.” They utilized data-journalism to show national sentiment condemning the mainstream media and urged readers to embrace the origins of the first amendment and renounce those who stoke division throughout the country. Denterlein asked some of Boston’s top business leaders to offer their thoughts on the editorial, and give advice on how the media could do better to earn and keep the trust of its readers.