September 04, 2019

As a growing independent communications firm, we have expanded our reach.

By unanimous vote, the PR World Alliance welcomed our agency into its fold. (press release)


We are thrilled now to be part of a worldwide network of firms whose members meet regularly to share current thinking on changes in the industry, and to discuss what tools and talents are needed to serve clients in the fragmented world marketplace of ideas.

A special shout out goes to our friend and long time member, Peter Stanton, who invited us to attend PR World Alliance’s General Assembly in Paris this past spring. How could we say no?

During a well-planned three days together, we discussed measurement, employee advocacy, PRWA’s exchange program and new practices in business development. We spoke during lunch, at dinner and over excursions along the Sein and to the new Fondation Louis Vuitton about the features that will be essential to the public relations firm of the future. At the end of our time, we had a strong understanding of each member agency. By spending time together and listening to each other, we came home with not just a new network but some new friends too. And in this business, the more friends you have, the better.

Most importantly, however, we are excited about what this new partnership means for our clients. We now have excellent partners around the world, and we can extend our offerings for global clients who may need on the ground support in multiple regions. We can introduce media from other countries to their counterparts in New England and broker relationships between business leaders in various parts of the world.  We will maintain all the creativity and personal attention of a small independent firm, while adding the international reach of a global PR agency – offering new and existing clients the superior knowledge of local markets and mores as they execute worldwide PR strategies.  At the same time, clients of our new PRWA colleagues now will be able to leverage Denterlein's unique expertise and extensive networks in Boston, New England, and across the U.S.

In being part of this network, we can more easily compete in an interconnected world, while remaining fiercely independent. By doing so, a public relations agency is much more likely to provide senior level consultation without the formulaic approach to pricing and strategy that often comes with larger corporate PR firms. 

Networks are what you make of them and are only as strong as their members are active. We have confidence in the engagement of PRWA members and we look forward to participating in meaningful ways in the years to come as a further enhancement for the clients we serve.