July 21, 2017

How to Score 100 Media Hits

We know the importance of getting the media’s attention, and the pressure when your company or client demands results. If you’re on the hook to score media hits – and quickly – here are some tips to help you deliver.

Craft a Bulletproof Media List

A “spray and pray” tactic only takes you so far – a tailored approach can yield more meaningful results. Building your outreach list by geographic area, publication specialty, and beat and role of the reporters can yield more meaningful results. And remember – an old media list is a useless media list. Periodically check contact info to ensure that reporters are still where they were the last time you called them.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Email your pitch. Email again. Call. Leave a voicemail. Call again. Persistence doesn’t guarantee coverage from all your targets, but you never know when a slow news day could end in your favor.

A personal touch from the get-go helps, too. Address your pitch to the reporter by name. Reference a recent story they wrote, or mention their particular location or beat. As the world becomes increasingly automated, establishing a meaningful connection can help you stand out.

Make Reporters’ Lives Easy

Reporters can be notoriously prickly, but ultimately, they are your friends. Cultivate them, and they might just grant you the coverage you and your client crave.

First and foremost, proofread your pitch emails! It should go without saying that getting their names and publications correct is critical.

Anticipate the reporters’ needs. Does your story or event have any visual potential? Reporters know their readers want images. You can save them a step by sending the best photos you have upfront.

Is there an event or press conference you want reporters to attend? Share all logistical details. Ensure the location easy to find, with signage as needed. Handouts with details and a summary of key points are the perfect gift with which to send reporters on their way.

Before you launch your next campaign, remember that the better your media list is at the start, the better the results. And, if all else fails, recall this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

By Charlotte Gross