February 19, 2019

Instagram Rolling Out Fund-raising Feature for Non-profits and Humanitarian Causes

News broke today that at some point this year Instagram will roll-out a feature that will allow users to add a “donate now” sticker to Instagram Stories to help raise funds for non-profits and good causes. Followers of Instagram Stories containing these stickers can simply click on donation calls-to-action (CTAs) to make monetary contributions to their favorite good-will organizations and movements.

There has not been much detail released yet in terms of how this new feature will function overall or how it may expand, but it will initially be limited to non-profits and good causes that will likely need to be verified by Instagram in order to register for a sticker and properly receive donations from users.

According to a recent Forbes article, commerce/payments within social media applications, specifically Instagram and Facebook, is exploding—particularly around consumer goods (see: Consumers Can Now Shop Via Instagram Stories).

It will be interesting to see how this latest move by Instagram competes with the success of GoFundMe and even its own parent company’s (i.e. Facebook) similar fundraising features.

Additionally, if Instagram is courageous enough, the image and story sharing platform could open its fundraising feature up to politics, which could play an intriguing and potentially impactful role on the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign/election landscape.