March 01, 2019

PR News for February

We read all the PR news so you don’t have to. From the rise of robo-journalism to growing support of socially conscious content, here are the top PR news articles from February.

Robot writers invade newsrooms

As newsrooms shrink, media companies have embraced the use of artificial intelligence to generate news stories. These computers can collect and curate large amounts of data and information, granting journalists more bandwidth for dissection, creativity, and curiosity of the subject. Bloomberg has already employed a system called Cyborg to assist reporters in generating articles on company earnings, and The Guardian’s Australia edition published its first AI-authored article on annual political donations this year. Professionals across industries participated in a LinkedIn forum discussing all the implications – good and bad – about artificial intelligence journalism.

What PR Pro’s want for Valentine’s Day

Hallmark’s favorite holiday may be behind us, but there is still so much to love about our job in public relations. However, we would be remiss to say things couldn’t improve. Speaking for the industry, PR Week laid out a short list of small favors that would bring a little more joy to the public relations industry. Better supporting technology, more human connections, and representation in popular culture are just some of the gifts that PR professionals want for Valentine’s Day.

Finding multicultural audiences in a fragmented media landscape

Today’s media environment is fragmented and siloed, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to plan a campaign that targets a variety of audiences. The growing variety of media platforms (traditional, television, online, etc.) further separate the already diverse assortment of ages, races, and geographic differences that marketers are constantly sorting and targeting. How do you personalize a message while still reaching the maximum number of people? Through an online survey, Agility PR was able to shed some light on some of the connecting factors between the division of cohorts, and established that multicultural audiences are the key to unlocking a fragmented media landscape.

Bringing Authenticity to Spokespersons

Spokespersons play a massive role in delivering the message of an organization. Whether it’s sharing positive news or responding to a crisis, the way a spokesperson presents themselves reflects on the organization they represent. But bringing authenticity to a spokesperson can be a challenge. How do you follow the talking points, but put the message into your own words? What is the appropriate body language so as not to appear disingenuous or lacking compassion? PR Daily understands the importance of a spokesperson gaining public trust, which is why they provided 6 ways a spokesperson can embody authenticity.

Collaborating for Conscious Content

Consumer trust is at an all-time low, and brands are turning to social issues to gain back support. “Conscious Content,” as it’s called, is gaining popularity as more organizations take a stand for or against a certain social issue. Examples of social issues include environmentalism, fair pay, and charitable giving. Indeed, 66% of consumers say it’s important for brands to take public stands on social and political issues. AdWeek offered some advice to marketers wanting to get in on this craze, suggesting that the best conscious content comes from collaboration.