May 13, 2024

Washington Leaders' Conference

This is an exciting week for members of the Denterlein public affairs team as Geri Denterlein, Katherine Adam, and Mike Schiano head to Washington, D.C., to participate in the New England Council’s annual Washington Leaders’ Conference.

The New England Council connects New Englanders to each other and Washington, D.C., helping to empower businesses and organizations with a voice and a seat at the table.

We look forward to this year’s Washington Leaders Conference, where we will be in the community with other business, civic, and elected stakeholders who will come together to discuss policies affecting economic growth and quality of life in the region.

As we gear up to go, we’ve been considering some questions that are top of mind for our team and our clients.

  • What are the near-term and long-term opportunities for New England leaders to collaborate in the service of addressing some of today’s most pressing challenges and opportunities in areas like housing, transportation and infrastructure, and climate change?

  • As Massachusetts seeks to become a global hub of climate tech and other innovative manufacturing, how do we come together to overcome the biggest hurdles to building things here?

  • What issues are the national media, voters, and elected officials mostly closely tracking related to the upcoming 2024 election? How worried should we be about potential election interference from things like AI and mis/disinformation?

  • What is on the advocacy agendas of other New England Council members? What kinds of direct outreach or integrated campaigns resonate most with policymakers?

  • How can we more effectively combat the partisanship that is impacting our society’s ability to come together and advance meaningful change?