becoming a “go-to source” on transportation


Transportation for Massachusetts


Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), a statewide coalition made up of 58 organizations, advocates for an improved transportation system. Denterlein began its work just months after the coalition formed and was charged with raising its profile in the press and among policymakers.


Working with the coalition leader and executive committee, Denterlein produced key messages and developed and executed a media strategy that used a mixture of data, research, and public sentiment to frame the need for greater investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure during a highly contentious budget cycle in the Legislature.


Denterlein placed T4MA’s executive director in radio and television stories and interview programs. T4MA was also a “go to” source for newspaper reporters and columnists looking to include the transportation advocate voice in their stories. T4MA’s strong position in the media once again served the coalition during the unprecedented winter of 2015 that crippled the MBTA. T4MA and Denterlein immediately took advantage of a major news hook to advance public policy. Using the MBTA’s failures and the public’s frustration, T4MA was able to point out that the lack of funding of the system over decades was now becoming evident and affecting our economy and safety. Once again, T4MA stood apart as an authoritative and informed voice on funding and improving the transportation system.