generating national visibility




ChildObesity180, a nonprofit operating out of the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition, develops and manages initiatives across the country to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. These initiatives target a wide range of audiences, including parents, elementary school teachers and administrators, public health researchers and advocates, and the restaurant industry. ChildObesity 180 sought to generate media placements throughout the country.


For one priority initiative, the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race, which aims to secure commitments from hundreds of schools across the country to collectively walk and run one billion miles through in-school walking programs, Denterlein worked with ChildObesity180 to develop a select list of the most important media markets for their purposes (including factors such as concentration of schools and local childhood obesity rates). We identified and engaged local champions, promoted highly visual events as a hook to secure broader stories relaying our key messages about quality in-school physical activity, and successfully pursued profiles and features promoting participating schools in these markets where many other local schools could then be engaged.


In the first year of the campaign, Denterlein secured print and broadcast features in 13 of those markets, including print and broadcast segments. To date, the Race has enrolled more than 1.2 million students across all 50 states.